The Naija Formulator has moved!

To I feel fancy, I feel fresh. Join me on the new site my dear readers, let us continue this nature loving somewhere else. I will be posting as usual, and will set up my store so you can buy my lovely creations.   See ya! X


Much ado about pH testing –  the basics. 

Most people come across pH balance when discussing feminine hygiene, detox diets, etc. pH, (Pondus de Hydronium) is a measure of acidity or alkalinity of a compound, or mixture in a solution. When a substance can release hydrogen ions when dissolved in water, it is termed acidic; and when it releases hydroxide ions, it is an alkali. A …

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Learn to formulate your own line of products! 

Hi people, To teach you my dear readers to create your own lovely natural cosmetics, I'll be holding a workshop in Lagos! This workshop will be held on the 29th day of this month. Call, text, whatsapp, DM, email or comment on this post to reserve your spots. I'm on Instagram as @thenaijaformulator. If you prefer to learn something …

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