Where to buy cosmetic ingredients in Nigeria

When I first moved back, finding cosmetic ingredients was quite diffucult and expensive. It still is sometimes. I would agree though that this need has created a lot of business in the natural skincare business. I started out importing and even though I could afford it, it wasn’t sustainable to my business. My main suppliers were aromantic, lotioncrafter, activeformulas, bulkactives, etc. I did a lot on window shopping at newdirectionsaromantics also. To create a list of sustainable economical suppliers, I had to find them

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Shelf life expectations.

The other day I was talking to a friend about my business. I like to do this as I recently realised they’ll start making associations so by the time I’m good and ready to launch they’ll already be anticipating. I also like to get opinions, solutions, ideas, etc. Anyhoos, the issue of shelf life has been thrown around and in many forms especially in reference to

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Facial serum formulation.

There is a very fine line between a facial gel, lotion and oil serums. I’ve seen all three consistencies (versions) of a serum so I decided that what makes a serum is the inclusion of high performance actives and not just if it’s an oil (gel or simple oil) or lotion or water based gel product. There has been an arguement to decide which carrier is best for Continue reading “Facial serum formulation.”

For your pleasure…

So the other day I found myself in the midst of some crazy friends. They came around as I was in the end stages of formulating a body butter (another post) and they started teasing me about formulating bombs and other random entities. The conversation somehow jumped to formulation of lubricants and before I knew it I got an order from one of them for some

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Hibiscus peppermint emulsified lotion scrub.

First off. Let me just leave you with this lovely photo before I get to the deep bit. Two days ago, I received an order from a friend after he sniffed my peppermint essential oil (thanks to the Universe for making me walk past with it at that time). Trust me to sell myself on the spot and offered to make him a peppermint body scrub. He accepted the terms and I got to work. I had so much fun formulating this, especially the end stage. It looks and smells yummy. Someone even thought it was Continue reading “Hibiscus peppermint emulsified lotion scrub.”