Learn to formulate your own line of products! 

Hi people,

To teach you my dear readers to create your own lovely natural cosmetics, I’ll be holding a workshop in LagosThis workshop will be held on the 29th day of this month. Call, text, whatsapp, DM, email or comment on this post to reserve your spots. I’m on Instagram as @thenaijaformulatorIf you prefer to learn something else, also let me know as I plan to hold a few more workshops. I know some people want to learn how to make emulsions too and I have another workshop coming up for that (details of that will come up later). 


2 thoughts on “Learn to formulate your own line of products! 

  1. Tolu

    Hello, I’m interested in a workshop that’ll focus on the use of emulsifiers and presevatives in water based all natural products.


    1. Hi Tolu, I plan to run another workshop on emulsification so pls stay tuned, or better still, follow my Instagram and subscribe to my blog to be one of the first to know when I announce the dates! You could also take a private offline or online class if waiting is not your thing. Let me know which you prefer.


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