The impact of cosmetics on the environment

As a formulator, who is also citizen of the world and the Internet, I cannot ignore the fact that the environment and its current and future states has become more than just table discussion. Sometimes I wonder if I add to the pollution of the our earth just by being human, and then, a formulator. 

Image from herb and hedge grow

Let me explain myself. We proclaim how great using natural cosmetics is great for our skin and environment while polluting said environment by these means. 

Manufacturing process:

What are our energy sources? Are our ingredients produced by green chemical reactions and reagents? Are the sources of our raw materials clean? What about our by products, waste management processes? Do we even think of these things? Do we care to find out about  our ingredient manufacturers and their ethos? 


What happens to our packaging after our customers use them? I understand that we do not have a lot of options, glass is expensive, and very fragile so for the sake of making profits, health and safety, it may not be a viable choice for all products. But what about recycling. I understand that reusing plastics for oil-containing products is not advisable even after thorough cleaning. But what other recycling options do we have? Do we even care about the impact of plastic waste on our environment? Is Nigeria even ready for it? What other packaging options do we have? 


How do we move our raw materials and finished products? Are we concerned about air pollution and the impacts of our chosen transport system on the environment? 

Like you I am immensely guilty of having a large carbon footprint but it’s good to start considering other options. What do you think? Am I being paranoid? Have you had these thoughts are you already handling waste effectively? Let me know your ideas. 


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