Glycerites for fragrance

I’ve been looking for a way to include fruit essences while avoiding the use of fragrance oils. Essential oils are mainly obtained from the flowers and leaves of a plant. Distilling essential oils from fruits has not been deemed feasible. Anyways, although there is nothing wrong with using fragrance oils for your natural products, I wanted to try out an alternative for potential customers that may prefer not to have them in their products (like me!). I also find

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Facial mist sprays to the rescue!

So as part of my day, (when I can remember) I like to use a refreshing water based spray on my face and exposed skin after being in the sun for example. I initially thought of it when I wanted to avoid having to wash my face but still feel cool and fresh. Also from time to time,  spraying water in my hair (afro hair can get quite dry sometimes), so why not on my skin? I’ve tried different recipes (and still do based on needs, availablilty, smell and general feelings) and in my rotation usually, I would have;

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Carrot oil maceration. 

I took advantage of the very low humidity of the harmattan season to work on my carrot oil maceration. This is not my first attempt but I forgot to take photos in previous times. I bought a lot of carrots and worked extra time to grate them before making my oil mix. I dehydrated the grated carrots for a day and a half (Thanks harmattan!) I chose this carrier oil mix (not disclosed) based on the unique property of each oil in order to be able to extract different components of this highly medicinal vegetable, and the ability to penetrate more layers of the epidermis, delivering these immensely beneficial properties into the skin.

The benefits of carrot oil on the skin are vast as carrots are known to contain vitamin A

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Green coconuts

This is quite a short coconut tree though. I wonder how it impacts of the composition of the leaves and fruit.

This is why I love going to the village. This was just hanging out in the compound when I arrived.  Though I still cannot harvest it yet, it’s almost due for that since I want to take advantage of the abundant endosperm of immature coconuts for my formulations. Most coconut drinks utilize young coconuts as the older ones (brown coconuts)  have less liquid and higher oil composition. 

Sincerely,  I just can’t wait. I’m currently researching the best time to harvest this to get optimum quality and benefits so stay tuned! 

My visit to a honey farm

Hello people. Hope you have been enjoying the holidays as much as I have.

My visit to the honey farm was highly anticipated because my dad buys strictly ‘village honey’ and most times it comes with the honeycombs.  I made a lip balm with some of those and quite enjoyed it. In a previous post,  I mentioned that I’m on a quest to find local, cheap sustainable sources of quality raw materials and in the spirit of that I decided to take advantage of being in my home town for the holidays to explore this.

Before the tour,  the ‘honey man’ (as he’s fondly called by everyone in my village) gave us a mini lecture on the equipment,  costume, methodology and management of a honey farm. I also learned Continue reading “My visit to a honey farm”

Brightening lotion attempt 

So I’m back home for the holidays and my mom won’t let me be great and go out and chill until I make her a brightening body lotion.  So today, new years eve, I’ve made her wish come true (kinda), LOL.

I went to the village with my box of ingredients and actives, thankfully.   I also made her a thick body butter on Christmas day but that’s for another post.

Anyhoos for this lotion,  I decided to use

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