DIY Natural body scrub challenge

Hello my budding formulators,

How did you enjoy using your body/hair butter from this post? So in a coming post, I’ll be talking about why we need to exfoliate regularly. In order for you to enjoy the post and understand what I’ll be raving about, I need you to experience it. I know… thank me later so we can dive in!


  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter or coco butter
  • White or brown sugar (I prefer brown but you can use what you have)
  • Preservative

Using a preservative is optional only if you’ll use up your formulation in 2 days tops or ENSURE that no water gets in. You can’t even wet your fingers before using them to scoop out your product. Better still, use a scoop. Now that thats out the way, lets move on!

I hope you remember the process from the last challenge. To make a 100 g batch of scrubby goodness, you can measure out:

70g sugar

10g coconut oil

17.5 g shea or cocoa butter

2 g essential oil

0.5 g preservative

If you are working without preservatives, use 18 g shea or cocoa butter. Melt the oils and butters (except essential oils) in your double boiler. Leave to cool and add your sugar, essential oils and preservative. I made mine with lemon essential oil for the refrehsing scent of lemons and extra exfoliating benefits since lemon can lighten up areas with minor hyperpigmentation like the knees, elbows and inner thighs. You can use what essential oils you can find brecause chances are, it’s still works out great. If you would like more thickness, add more sugar, and use butters instead of oils and vice versa.

Let me know how you get on! X

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