My spa experience : Greenleaf spa, Gbagada. 

So on this day I just needed a facial. My face has suffered a lot as I felt stressed, had been eating unhealthy, drinking and all that. I had a mini break out, and a few black heads but that was enough to

send me to the nearest spa.

Image from Greenleaf Facebook page

I had to wait for quite a bit when I arrived but I did not make an appointment, I just turned up! There was no customer at the time thankfully, as I had made sure to go in on a weekday, in the afternoon. The waiting room doubled as the barbershop with a sofa for waiting and some cheesy Z world to keep you occupied (if that’s what works for you). 

I was led to the treatment room for the facial. After much explanation by the therapist, Lizzy, I decided to try the Morrocan de-tan facial, which was a cleansing facial using the Morrocan line of facial products. She started off by cleansing, followed by exfoliation and steaming and then, another round of exfoliation and pore extraction. I found the scrubbing a bit abrasive but the therapist reduced pressure once I complained about it. I forgot to mention that there was some relaxing spa music playing in the background. After an hour of facials, my facial skin felt lighter and ‘declogged’ like it could breathe again.

Image from the Greenleaf spa Facebook page
The treatment room

Afterwards, I decided on a full body Swedish massage by the same therapist. She exited the room for a bit for me to undress for the massage before we continued on the session. For the massage, the lights were turned off so that I could relax better. She started with my right leg, then left, and worked her way up. I usually prefer to stay silent during my massages but this time, I chatted with Lizzy. She has a great personality and was happy to answer questions. Mid-way through, I needed to go deeper into relaxation so I went silent. I got mildly distracted by the music (which was now being played from a mobile phone in the room), as it had to be restarted a few times.when she massaged the sides of my head, I felt my neck and shoulders loosen up and forgot about the disturbance earlier. 

As I walked back home and for a couple of days after, I felt loose. I could feel the slightest breeze across my face. You should get yours to know what I felt in that time. Greenleaf spa offers other spa services like microdermabrasion, body contour, hammam – body scrub, water therapy, steam room and sauna. The two treatments I got cost me 14500 naira – 4500 for the Swedish massage, and the rest for the facial. They also have a gym and hair salon attached so you are covered. 

My receipt.

Why not check them out if you live in or around, Gbagada, or just passing by? Maybe you have sometime between appointments? They frequently run deals and promotions so you can call them to discuss and make your reservation, or check deal dey.

Thank me later!


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