Turmeric cream cleanser. 

Image from Los beauty website

So this is just another mild facial cleanser. The previous cleanser I made was quite runny. I looked and looked for a foamer bottle that’ll stop me from wasting my wonderful creation with the littlest luck. So I decided to make something with a viscosity that I can control.

I already raved about turmeric in a previous post,  so I will not repeat but guys, just take a minute to admire the mustard yellow colour. The process was surprisingly easy so I know you can do it yourself, or ask someone you trust to do it for you!

So just like the formula from the previous post, I had frankincense water, surfactants, glycerite, and turmeric. I also included some lemon essential oil,  my usual preservative. The product was also pH adjusted. I used it with my facial brush this morning and was impressed as usual. There is one draw back to this formulation and I think I can solve this issue by reducing the amount of turmeric because it left a temporary yellow stain in my facial brush. Anyhoos, I already got a commission for this so off I go to repeat my formulation.

You can join me if you dare 😉


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