Micellar water formulation. 

So today, after weeks of procrastinating, I got around to making some micellar water. The cosmetics world has been going crazy about these waters that can cleanse the skin, remove make up without totally stripping the skin. But what exactly is micellar water?

Before we get to that

, a micelle is a droplet that encapsulates oil and or debris within an aqueous solution. When a solution contains both polar (charged)  and non polar molecules (uncharged), separation is imminent. In the presence of a surfactant however,  this arrangement becomes possible due to surfactant molecules possessing both polar and non polar groups. The polar group remains immersed in the aqueous portion while the lipophilic group interacts with the non polar molecules. With this explanation, you can see that emulsifiers and detergents  can form micelles in solution. 

Micellar water became a buzz word in the industry that has come to mean a very mild cleanser that may or may not be rinsed off after cleansing. So with that said, say a big welcome to my latest creation!!

For the ingredients, I used some surfactant mix, water, hydrosol, self made glycerite, preservative and other things. I also included some tinctures. I would’ve preferred a transparent solution but I know what I need to include for that to happen. But I am generally happy with it. I had been thinking about leaving out soaps for my facial care so this is the answer to my prayers. Face feels clean but not stripped. If you try this, let me know. I’ll challenge its make up cleansing ability soon and report to you lot.

Until then, Ciao!

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