Anti pollution skincare: clarifying turmeric face mask

After all the harmattan and junk food over the holidays, my mom felt her skin was getting quite oily. The polluted, hot and humid Lagos atmosphere also made her skin feel clogged and out of control. Anyhoos, she was having a chat with her friend and stylist about the benefits of turmeric (thanks Facebook!), so I offered to make them a face mask to purify the skin, using turmeric since they already know about this awesome ingredient.

I brought out my turmeric, clays, and some other awesome ingredients and got to work. I decided to keep the water based ingredients separate to avoid faulty preservation since some clays are known to deactivate even the strongest preservatives (which is what makes them so great at purifying the skin). For my water phase I used frankincense hydrosol, humectant, exfoliant and preservative. You can use just water but I decided to be fancy about it.

N. B: Frankincense is quite good for aging skin and has a mature woody but sweet scent.

As a matter of fact as well, turmeric powder is a great clarifying agent which can help to brighten the skin. It contains a potent, polyphenolic, water soluble compound called curcumin. Curcumin has a whole range of health and skin benefits. It has been promoted an as anti inflammatory, anti cancer, antioxidant pigment. In skincare, it can brighten, deliver a high dose of antioxidant and soothe inflammed skin.

Fullers earth contains a host of minerals that become charged upon activation. This property facilitates purification and decreasing of the skin greasiness. It also makes a great exfoliant. I like to take advantage of the slight grit and massage skin lightly in circles before rinsing off.

I had a little bit left over which I tried last night and absolutely loved the outcome and how smooth my face felt afterwards. For a pamper night in,  I would use this mask with cucumber slices over my eyes while listening to flute music and drinking spearmint tea.

What do you do on your relaxing nights in? Let me know.


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