Glycerites for fragrance

I’ve been looking for a way to include fruit essences while avoiding the use of fragrance oils. Essential oils are mainly obtained from the flowers and leaves of a plant. Distilling essential oils from fruits has not been deemed feasible. Anyways, although there is nothing wrong with using fragrance oils for your natural products, I wanted to try out an alternative for potential customers that may prefer not to have them in their products (like me!). I also find

some fragrance oils are quite strong (best suited for soap making), and many don’t capture the real essence of a fruit. Also, some brands get it right; while some take it wayy left with the synthesis and inclusion of some nature identical compounds like limonene in these lemon based fragrances for instance (too much)!!

I found out, while making glycerites that the glycerin takes on many hydrophilic compounds of a herb and some of these impact the smell, taste and colour. My rosemary glycerite came out green and pungent in scent (no photos sadly). Anyhoos, in order to capture the enticing aroma of fresh fruit (and skin soothing benefits), I decided to make glycerites out of sweet smelling fruits to use in my formulations.

I decided to go with pineapple and carrot glycerites for the scent and colour respectively. I intend to add these to my ‘fruush’ face and body mists, with or without hydrosols. These glycerites are rich in vitamin C and Bs (all water soluble vitamins actually) which act as tyrosinase inhibitors, collagen supporters, antioxidants and skin hydrants. I’m so excited to work with them.

N. B: I added some preservative to the glycerite as I’m using fresh fruit and the water content makes it a challenge to know the exact percentage of glycerine in this infusion. Glycerine at 70 to 100 % may not need preservation but the inclusion of fresh fruit (additional water) can support microbial proliferation and activity.

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