Facial mist sprays to the rescue!

So as part of my day, (when I can remember) I like to use a refreshing water based spray on my face and exposed skin after being in the sun for example. I initially thought of it when I wanted to avoid having to wash my face but still feel cool and fresh. Also from time to time,  spraying water in my hair (afro hair can get quite dry sometimes), so why not on my skin? I’ve tried different recipes (and still do based on needs, availablilty, smell and general feelings) and in my rotation usually, I would have;

  1. Distilled or mineral water.
  2. 100 % hydrosols and floral waters. I like these for the slight scent and uplifting feelings they bring. Lemon, rose, orange, lavender spearmint, peppermint feel quite great on the skin and contain a dose of vitamins and minerals. The down side to these,  is that they may dry out too fast for skin to stay moisturized for long. They are great for the instant boost and freshness though! They also vary in color, which can be really pretty to look at. Peppermint, and tea tree hydrosols have a slight tingly feeling; lemon is very refreshing and energizing, while lavender and chamomile can be quite soothing and relaxing.
  3. Hydrosols or water plus humectants and moisturizing compounds. Humectants like glycerin and sodium lactate help to prolong moisturisation. They can feel a bit sticky if not incorporated appropriately, so watch it!.
  4. Hydrosol or water plus actives eg. Herbal extracts, etc. Depending on the need I have for my skin, I can mix any of these or use individually within appropriate range and specifications.

Note: All water based cosmetic preparations require adequate preservation. You can get away with preservation if you make small batches for personal use. Without preservation, you should use within three to seven days with refrigeration. Also, some ingredients can counter others in solution, therefore should not be used in combination as this can facilitate oxidation or create unfavourable pH for optimum activity. So make sure you do your research and ask the experts if you decide to make your own skincare products.

Try it and let me know!

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