Carrot oil maceration. 

I took advantage of the very low humidity of the harmattan season to work on my carrot oil maceration. This is not my first attempt but I forgot to take photos in previous times. I bought a lot of carrots and worked extra time to grate them before making my oil mix. I dehydrated the grated carrots for a day and a half (Thanks harmattan!) I chose this carrier oil mix (not disclosed) based on the unique property of each oil in order to be able to extract different components of this highly medicinal vegetable, and the ability to penetrate more layers of the epidermis, delivering these immensely beneficial properties into the skin.

The benefits of carrot oil on the skin are vast as carrots are known to contain vitamin A

which is a fat soluble vitamin, great for increasing skin cell turnover, and wound healing, beta-carotenes (responsible for the orange colour of carrots and a precursor to Vitamin A, facilitating skin rejuvenation), vitamins C and E which are powerful antioxidants. Carrot oil is great for mature skin especially, due to its composition. It is also said to stimulate hair growth and help with hyperpigmentation. I decided to do a larger quantity this time as quite a few people have requested for it recently.

The mix was kept for a month in a warm location but away from sunlight to facilitate the extraction. I think this method gives the best infusion but requires a high level of patience. I literally found a reason to look at it everyday; thank goodness it was kept in a transparent glass jar so I didn’t have to keep opening it. If you do not want to wait a month or more,  you could consider using a slow cooker on the lowest heat setting or a bain-marie at very low heat for a few hours (I have a also tried this method). It smells heavenly and has a nice orange colour that may stain caucasian skin slightly but temporarily. I added some vitamin E to slow down rancidity.

It can be used in the oil phase of your formulation but be careful not to cause destabilisation of heat sensitive components. It can be added at cool down in small amounts as well. I absolutely love the color it gives to soaps and serums (not as concentrated as sea buckthorn oil in orangeness but still lovely). It can also be used neat,  in a body oil (massage oil) mix or anhydrous body butter .

How do you use your carrot macerated oil? Have you tried macerating any herb? Let me (and others) know in the comment section.

P. S. :All carrot oils on the market are only infusions/macerates as carrots do not contain sufficient oils to be cold pressed or extracted. This is the only way to obtain carrot oil. There is however, carrot essential oil, obtained from distilling the seed of carrots but it differs slightly in composition and is volatile. Other herbs or a mix of herbs can also be infused in this manner. So let me know what your preferences are.


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