A more luxurious feeling butter

So I got another commission while I was in the village for a body butter so I used this chance to shine. I like that I get exponentially better with each butter I make (and I’ve made practically a hundred so imagine). The texture of this one was heavenly because I fulfilled my promise of working with allantoin and the natural silicone (both from the Aromatic UK store).  I made 400 g of velvety goodness and had enough left after packaging for my client. Not greasy at all,  I’m really impressed but due to cost I can only hope to be able to purchase these again. I might just look for a local vendor so wish me luck!

I added the allantoin in the water phase and added the silicone at cool down due to heat sensitivity (as per the manufacturer’s recommendation). So just like the previous recipe, with the addition of these two bad boys!

My client was really impressed as well.

If you get a hold of these new faves, (especially the natural silicone) in Nigeria, let me know.  Also if you get to try them in your formulations,  let me know.

Till next time,

Happy formulating!

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