My visit to a honey farm

Hello people. Hope you have been enjoying the holidays as much as I have.

My visit to the honey farm was highly anticipated because my dad buys strictly ‘village honey’ and most times it comes with the honeycombs.  I made a lip balm with some of those and quite enjoyed it. In a previous post,  I mentioned that I’m on a quest to find local, cheap sustainable sources of quality raw materials and in the spirit of that I decided to take advantage of being in my home town for the holidays to explore this.

Before the tour,  the ‘honey man’ (as he’s fondly called by everyone in my village) gave us a mini lecture on the equipment,  costume, methodology and management of a honey farm. I also learned about other by-products of honey farming, current research being conducted on them and the life of bees. It was like watching the documentary all over again.

After looking at the photos,  magazines, books, learning and practicing how to use the equipment,  we went into the farm. He had about 50 colonies but after visiting about 8, it got repetitive.

Fully kitted

old honey comb –  usually dark brown to black. He said they can’t be melted but I’ll still try so I can see for myself. 

The worker bees deposit honey in each compartment and seal it off till there’s a shortage of food and or the Queen bee lays her eggs.

New honey combs being made


Very organized bees


I went home with these.  Can’t wait to carry out my experiment and make a candle.

At the end of the visit,  I was inspired to start a colony and may expand once I master the skills of keeping one. I added him to my growing list of suppliers and the Igbo in me decided that I could be a supplier of beeswax myself so call me up if you want to buy high quality honey and beeswax while supporting a local farmer. #buyNigerian #growthenaira.

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