Brightening lotion attempt 

So I’m back home for the holidays and my mom won’t let me be great and go out and chill until I make her a brightening body lotion.  So today, new years eve, I’ve made her wish come true (kinda), LOL.

I went to the village with my box of ingredients and actives, thankfully.   I also made her a thick body butter on Christmas day but that’s for another post.

Anyhoos for this lotion,  I decided to use

a medium oil percentage for this medium to light night lotion (light for the harmattan season). I used coconut oil and shea butter. I have come to prefer including xanthan gum in my oil phase to mixing it with glycerine because my water phase turns to a gel before mixing it with my oil phase, less messy in my opinion. After combining both phases,  I also added evening primerose oil, vitamins E and A, fruit acids, natural silicone (from Aromatic, UK store), and preservative.


It turned out great but quite runny so I put it in a bottle and not a jar.

I would prefer the lotion to be used at night as it contains some AHAs and Vitamin A which can increase sun sensitivity.  I would also recommend the use of sunscreen to protect the skin.

She’ll let me know in a week if her skin has brightened up but till then,  I’m going out yayy!

Let me know how you use AHAs in your formulations. Ciao!


By the next day the lotion thickened up quite a bit and had a very nice consistency. Yayy.

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