Hibiscus peppermint emulsified lotion scrub.

First off. Let me just leave you with this lovely photo before I get to the deep bit. Two days ago, I received an order from a friend after he sniffed my peppermint essential oil (thanks to the Universe for making me walk past with it at that time). Trust me to sell myself on the spot and offered to make him a peppermint body scrub. He accepted the terms and I got to work. I had so much fun formulating this, especially the end stage. It looks and smells yummy. Someone even thought it was ice cream.

It washes off clean. Much more than the emulsifying scrub and defintely the oil based scrubs for those that may not like the extra moisturisation; best for the hotter months too. I used my body butter formula from last time and added 150% sugar before whisking into a fluffy butter scrub. I added the peppermint and vanilla EO at the end after which I added some ground, dehydrated hibiscus flower specks for aesthetics, exfoliating and antioxidant benefits. I hope he enjoys using it as much as I enjoyed making it.


One thought on “Hibiscus peppermint emulsified lotion scrub.

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