I made a body butter

So the other day I noticed my skin was getting dry in the Abuja early harmattan weather. My regular lotion was not doing it anymore for me.  So after ransacking my box of goodies, I found some Shea butter,  coconut oil,  almond oil,  jojoba oil,  emulsifying wax, cetyl alcohol,  frankincense water (which I infused myself), glycerine, lecithin, niacinamide N-acetyl glucosamine, vitamin E, rosehip seed extract, evening primrose oil and some  optiphen plus preservative.

The Frankinscence water and glycerine were in the water phase,  while the oils and waxes were in the oil phase. I added the lecithin,  NAG, niacinamide, and everything after the actives at the cool down phase. I chose not to add any essential oils to this as it already had this buttery,  yummy non fragrant fragrance and I just fell in love.

The butter melted into my skin and kept it feeling moisturised and soft for the whole day. It has been almost a week and I still love it 😍.

If you decide to try it,  let me know how it goes in the comment section.

P. S. The lecithin was used as a penetration enhancer (I could not type that with a straight face lol) and not an emulsifier.  I added it to the cool down phase but next time I’ll add it to to water and oil phases (on different occasions) to see how it’ll work. I would try working with it as a stand alone emulsifier in the coming weeks.

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