Why I turned to herbal/alternative therapy

Honestly, I’m not sure when my preference for natural ingredients started but what I can say is that I am a self diagnostic. (Like my fellow Nigeriians lool ). I know that has it’s bad sides but sometimes, I find it hard to describe what I’m feeling especially within the current medical system. When you report certain symptoms to the doctor but they don’t take it seriously or try to get more information. It took me a long while to realise that I was on the verge of having a metabolic syndrome. Yes at odd tests there might have been like ‘above average but not too serious’ increase in blood sugar, or lower thyroid hormones, or slightly elevated androgen levels, acanthosis nigricans, foggy thinking, fluctuation in energy, slight depression, (the list goes on). How do you describe those to your doctor without sounding like a lunatic wanting attention? How do you go back to a doc that told you that you should wait for the disease to actually show before they can treat you? And more disturbingly, how do I make him understand that they are all connected?

Y’see,  I love food (especially sugar). I tried a (kind of) low carb diet and increasing my water intake, which made me lose some weight, gain better skin, and feel good overall. I also quit thegym because I was getting heavy on the shoulders and calves but smaller on the boobs and bum. I also felt more stressed and tense. In that time I also tried herbal remedies as I read about side effects of some antiandrogens/birthcontrol  that I was going to be on. I first tried licorice, flaxseed, spearmint tea and a few others.

To respond to the question in short, I found more value in the wholistic approach to health and I believe alternative therapy is more in tune with that.
Herbs (fresh or dry) usually contain lower amounts of actives and therefore less dramatic in their effects.
There’s also a lot of information on the ethnopharmacological uses of herbs.

Why do people turn to herbs and supplements?  Why do you use herbs and supplements?

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