Herbology 101

Hello my dear herbal enthusiasts,

This is my attempt at sharing everything well some things I learned during my MSc. in … *drumroll*…  Pharmacognosy.

I learned so much more than I ever thought I would because initially I was on a one way street thinking, yeah!!, nature, herbs, bliss, no side effects, and all that. That is not to say that I don’t support the movement anymore, but herbs like any other substance, are made up of chemicals (gasp) and can cause serious side effects if wrongly used.*disclaimer alert*

Now that that’s cleared up, herbs are still highly beneficial and this blog will highlight some of the indications and preparations. I am not quite sure what route to steer this ship but we’ll find out together, won’t we?

Ok lemme be serious and get a semi plan. I may pick one herb and talk extensively about all its uses, indications, active constituents, toxicity (if any) and maybe common (read ethnographic) preparations and supporting herbs. OR. I’ll pick an indication and talk about common herbs that work.

Disclaimer: ON A SERIOUS NOTE. I am not a doctor, pharmacist or even a herbalist. I am just sharing my views and acquired knowledge. According to the MHRA, OTC licensed herbs are only to be used for minor self limiting conditions. Make sure you report any side effects and inform your doctor especially if you are taking other medications.

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